Is VR the future?

Last year at NAB was the first time I got to experience true VR.  It was in the DELL booth with not just full visuals and sound, but a moving chair as well.  At the time I thought that this would be the future of not only gaming, but of documentary and some dramatic storytelling.

As we close in on a year since NAB 2016, it’s been interesting to see how slow the adoption rate has been for VR.   Last fall data from Steam showed that just 0.28% of Steam users  having a VR headset, and the growth rate was around 0.04%

Part of that is due to the cost of VR units, but it could also be in part to 3D.  A few years ago when 3D was all the rage, the early adopters were told it was the future, and many spent a lot of money for the latest tech.  With 3D content hard to come by and most TV manufacturers not even including it on most of their sets, perhaps there is a bit of buyer fatigue setting in.  That people want to know that it will be around for a while, before taking the plunge.

HTC has started trying to appeal to professionals.  Their MakeVR allows professionals to create models in VR, and then export them to CAD or a 3D printer.   Having a virtual workshop will be pretty amazing for a lot of designers.

Will NAB 2017 focus on VR for consumers or professionals? We will find out in a month!

So apparently if you are David Fincher, you get your own special Red cameras…. very cool!

Spent the day shooting for David Fincher on Helium Powered 8K Xeno 2s. Doesn't get much better than this. Justin Jones as my wingman just like the good old days.

Posted by Jarred Land on Saturday, March 25, 2017

NAB 2017

It’s going to be an interesting year at NAB.  For the first time in a long time there will be no RED booth. However, there will still be lots of RED cameras and accessories to be seen.  Last year we did 28 videos last year from the show floor and this year will be the same!

So what are the things to be excited about?  Sigma is set to release their cine lenses.  They look amazing and if they are really priced for “indie filmmakers” it could be a great option. They are known for having great optics at a great price so if this carries into the cinema world then it might be great for redusers.

Canon is might be interesting this year. The  C100 Mark III or something similar is rumoured to be coming.  We are also expecting at least one new lens.. maybe a zoom and a primes.  There also might be a new EOS 6D Mark II.

Apple is rumoured to be releasing AR glasses… and it could be at NAB.  We do expect to see even more AR/VR stuff than last year.

If you just can’t wait, check out our videos from last year!


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Some shots from our setup day yesterday at Cine Gear Expo. See us today and tomorrow, Stage 15, Stand S220.